Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Male model Irish bog men?

Apparently Irishmen have been taking care of their personal grooming for quite some time now. And neither Bono or Colin Farrell were the first Irishman to use hair gel. A couple of Irish “bog mummies” beat them to that by something on the order of 2,400 years. Researchers at the National Museum of Ireland have been studying these two mummies since they were discovered separately in 2003. It appears that both may have been executed and tortured, but until then they were “lookin’ GOOD.” In addition to the aforementioned hair gel, one had “very well-manicured nails, and his fingertips and hands were indicative of somebody who didn't carry out any manual labor.” These two ancient Irish dandies are something of a “Mutt and Jeff” duo, one being 6’ 6” (the tallest such ‘bog mummy’ ever discovered) while the other was only 5’2”. These two are the latest “bog mummies” to be found in the bogs of Ireland, whose cold, acidic, oxygen-free conditions are perfect environments for preserving human flesh. You can read more about these two dapper mummies HERE.


On January 25, 1925, Nellie Cashman "Frontier Angel" of miners in America's West, died in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Nellie was the daughter of Patrick Cashman and Frances "Fanny" Cronin of County Cork.

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Events Around the Diaspora

In Pittsburgh on Sunday, the Gaelic Arts Society will sponsor Fr. McCool, CSSP, talking on ' The Druids in Ireland ' at Synod Hall in Oakland at 2:30 p.m., 125 North Craig Street.

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