Monday, February 20, 2006

Easter Rising Generates Barbs, Jews of Ireland, 'Long Day's Journey' Actor Profiled


Steve Kroft’s interview of Philip Seymour Hoffman yesterday evening on CBS News’ "60 Minutes" profiled the actor, shown left in his Tony-nominated role as Jamie O’Neill in the 2003 production of Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day’s Journey Into Night."

Above, Hoffman, in a shot from the 2003 production of "Long Day's Journey Into Night," in a photo by Joan Marcus.

Hoffman, currently nominated for an Oscar for his brilliant portrayal of author Truman Capote in the film "Capote," was reviewed in 2003 as “breathtaking” in his Broadway performance. Ironically, he portrayed a drunken Jamie O’Neill, but in Kroft’s interview, he revealed that he didn't drink at all; he underwent rehabilitation for substance abuse -- alcohol and drugs -- when he was 22. It was a turning point in his life, said the 38-year-old actor. It makes his 2003 performance all the more potent in retrospect. Kroft says the actor’s future is “limitless.” We knew that back in 2003, and we still concur. Hoffman’s performance in "Capote" was eerie in its depth and accuracy. Read more on
Patricia Jameson-Sammartano (WGT Culture Editor)


Dear Mr. Regan,

I noticed your site from your e-mail on the ALBA web site (Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives), and I thought that you might be interested in my work on the Jews of Ireland. In 1996, I visited the Jewish communities on the island, photographed and interviewed individuals, and documented some of the remaining sites. Examples of my Ireland work can be seen on my web site at: There is also a film called "Shalom Ireland" that was made several years ago by someone named Ganley, I believe.

I am going to Dublin next month, as a vacation more than anything connected with a project, and I will probably revisit some of the people and places from my visit there 10 years ago. I subscribe to the ALBA list serv because I wrote a graduation thesis on an American doctor who served in the Lincoln Battalion, and I've retained an interest since that time.

Regards, Paul Margolis

Editor's Note: An article, titled "Ireland’s Jews: A Fading Tribe On The Emerald Isle" by Paul Margolis in Jewish Heritage Report is available here.) He has also authored "The Tribe of St. Patrick," another article on the topic, for, at: WGT Contributing Editor Doug Chandler wrote for WGT about "Shalom Ireland," Valerie Lapin Ganley's documentary about Ireland's small but vibrant Jewish community.


Irish President Mary McAleese's comments several weeks ago saluting the leaders and foot soldiers of the 1916 Rising as visionaries continues to draw flak, and defenders. Joe McGowan, WGT's Connacht correspondent, Joe McGowan, is tracking the debate, played out most obviously in Irish newspapers, as well as on WGT. See our post "Unionist Takes Shot at McAleese." Joe offers a riposte to some high-profile attempts to refute McAleese on his own website. Joe writes, in part:

"One would think there is no need to come to the defense, especially in Ireland, of the patriots of Easter Week. Sadly there is. Dr. Brian Murphy of Glenstal Abbey in response made the point that the President in her speech was reflecting the views of many Protestants of the time. On May 10th, 1916, George Bernard Shaw wrote in the Daily News, as the executions of the leaders was taking place: '... an Irishman resorting to arms to achieve the independence of his country is doing only what an Englishman will do if it be their misfortune to be invaded and conquered by Germany in the present war ...'

Above right, a picture of George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).

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