Monday, August 14, 2006

Patrick Cleburne Society Commemorates Cork-Born Hero of the Confederacy

  • For all his courage, his sterling character, and selfless commitment to his cause, Cork native Patrick Cleburne has not received the commemoration his career and personal bravery deserve. The Patrick Cleburne Society was founded in 1998 to perpetuate his memory through events and seminars commemorating his life and accomplishments.

    Their mission has an additional purpose, and that is support for preservation of the physical places where Cleburne's Division fought. Many are either gone or endangered. As well, there exists nowhere on those sites monuments to his leadership or the sacrifice of the men who followed him. Battles at Richmond, Kentucky; Missionary Ridge, Tennessee; Pickett’s Mill and Jonesboro, Georgia, during the Atlanta Campaign; and of course, Franklin, Tenn., are examples of his courage and brilliant command.

    Arguably the best Confederate general in the Army of Tennessee, and among the best that served the Confederacy, Cleburne remains virtually unknown to most Americans and even many Southerners. Through the Patrick Cleburne Society, we hope to rectify this oversight, and preserve not only the memory of Cleburne's service for future generations not also the battlefields where Cleburne’s Division served so nobly.

    Now would be a good time to join the Patrick Cleburne Society as they are just about to have their annual dinner and meeting, scheduled for September 16, at 7 p.m. at the beautiful Gordon-Lee Mansion in Chickamauga, Georgia. The anniversary of the battle runs from Sept. 18-20. Learn how to join the group by clicking HERE.

    Contact Mauriel Joslyn at 706-444-0407 or e-mail her at with any questions.

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