Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Writers Muldoon, McDermot bring muses to NYU's Ireland House

Poet Paul Muldoon read from his latest work, "Horse Latitudes," at Ireland House on Nov. 16. As always, Paul is the poet of the Coney Island of the Mind (apologies to Laurence Ferlinghetti); he takes us on a roller-coaster of language and lyricism. Adding a somber introduction to the evening's festivities, Professor John Waters announced the death of lawyer and civil rights activist Frank Durkan, and Muldoon described the poetry he would read as elegiac. He devoted the evening to Durkan and his late sister Maureen, to whom this volume of poetry is dedicated.

Novelist Alice McDermott read from her latest work, "After This," at Ireland House on Thursday. She spoke of the book's connection to war, saying she had gone back to read the classics in American literature dealing with war -- Walt Whitman and Steven Crane -- in preparation for this book. Nuance is McDermott's strong suite, and she spoke of writing a novel in light of making choices. "You make choices as a writer, "she said, "limiting other choices -- and every detail is there for a reason."

Ireland House has Airneál na Nollag, its annual Christmas party, featuring traditional music with NYU Irish Language students, on Dec. 7th.

In the spirit of exercising choices, however, we will be at Solas, 232 East 9th St., that night celebrating "Recent Works -- The Photography of Gary Sammartano." His work is good, and that's not just the wife talking.

Patricia Jameson-Sammartano
Culture Editor, TheWildgeese.com

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