Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit! (Happy New Year!)

More than a million viewers crowded Times Square on December 31 to say goodbye to the old year and ring in 2008, celebrating 100 years of dropping what has now become the world's largest Waterford pendant. Weather was warm for this time of year, and the crowds were friendly. Anderson Cooper was in his usual rare form. So were the musicians, including Kid Rock and Carrie Underwood.

Photo credit: Patricia Jameson-Sammartano

The evening's theme, appropriately, was going green ... by saving electricity. That phrase and Times Square seem oxymoronic: The square at midnight is about as bright as a sunny noon. Still, efforts were taken to reduce the power wasting.

However, that's the last we'll do this for a while; standing on one's feet for six hours without moving too much is just a bit too much to take. ... The picture is of the New Year's Eve Waterford ball, viewed on the Jumbotron from our vantage point at 47th and 7th.

We think next year will be in the comfort of our living room watching this on TV. But this was one of those "Do it once in your lifetime" New York City experiences.

A happy and peaceful new year to all of our readers.

Patricia Jameson-Sammartano
Culture Editor, WGT


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