Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saint Brigid's Has Been Saved!!!!!

Today's news about St. Brigid's Church on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is truly miraculous. The embattled congregation, which has been working mightily to save the church, has received the news that their church will be purchased by an unnamed benefactor for $20 million dollars. We quote an email from Edwin Torres, the chairperson of the Committee to Save St. Brigid's:

"Dear Members,
The associated press release a press release that an anonymous donor has met with the Cardinal and offered 20 million dollars to the Archdiocese. 10 million to restore St Brigid as a Parish Church, 2 million for an endowment and 8 million for the school. The Cardinal has accepted his unexpected offer. ST. BRIGID CHURCH is Saved!!!! I am lining up interviews with TV stations. The first will be with UNIvision today @ 12:30. in front of the church. Please try and come. I know it is short notice but it would be great if the committee is present. The Lord does hear the prayers of the just. Thank you Lord, and thank you to all members who persevered. God Bless! Please call me. 212-691-5570. Yeah! Yeah ! Yeah!Ed"
Photo credit: Committee to Save St. Brigid's

This Committee is entitled to all the joy -- God is indeed good, and hope prevails. On a more personal note, we have witnessed a true parish congregation, even though without a building. The Committee's concern for one another has been the true hallmark of Catholic Charity.

Patricia Jameson-Sammartano
Culture Editor, WGT

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