Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome to ‘The Wild Geese Kitchen’

(Right: The dining room at Lynham's Hotel, Laragh, County Wicklow, Ireland.)

We at The Wild Geese are as committed as ever to exploring — and celebrating — the heritage of the Irish worldwide, and never has that mission been more flavorful as now. This week we are launching a new section to our coverage, titled simply “The Wild Geese Kitchen.” Everyone sits up and takes notice when the subject is food. Why? Because everyone loves food! For a long time, in many parts of the world, Mother Ireland was not praised for her prowess in the kitchen. We’ve all heard the slanderous joke about the seven-course Irish meal. But that's all changing: Increasingly, dramatically, foodies are looking to the Emerald Isle as a real player in the world of modern cuisine.

Surrounded by water, Ireland possesses bountiful natural resources in the form of quality, fresh seafood; salmon, lobster, mussels, scallops, prawns and oysters; an abundance of fresh vegetables, including the versatile potato; organic and free-range meats, smokehouse delicacies and Artisanal cheeses and breads.

(Left: Shepherd's Pie, one of the recipes from blogger Irish American Mom.)

In the coming weeks and months, we will highlight some of the outstanding Irish food and spirits and the hundreds of upscale Irish restaurants popping up all over the Emerald Isle and throughout the Irish diaspora, along with the Irish "fusion" dishes they are serving. And remember, we want your input. Contact us with story ideas, and please share your favorite dishes and your favorite restaurants with us!
                                                                 -- Maryann Tracy, Producer of ‘The Wild Geese Kitchen’


Anonymous said...

I have been eating Shepard's Pie all my life. I still fix it. My Mother always said she was German untill we proved to her she was Irish. Everything she cooked was Irish. Later, we found out she had Dementia, so we just attribute her confusion to that. Can't wait to come to Ireland and eat the real McCoy of food.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Shepard Pie

Gerry Regan said...

Feel free to continue this conversation in our newly redesigned site, at, where we look forward to exploring with you more on the epic (and epicurean) heritage of the Irish worldwide.